Improving herd health, reproduction and farm success with MULTIMIN™

Use MULTIMIN™ to secure
your hard work.


MULTIMIN™  is a unique prescription only, combination trace mineral injection for cattle, to help combat oxidative stress.


  • Supplies trace minerals Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Selenium to correct concurrent or subclinical deficiencies
  • Provides key trace elements essential for forming antioxidant enzymes
  • Use strategically ahead of high demand moments
  • Evidence based, scientifically proven and trusted
  • Easy to administer
  • Rapid : Fast acting
  • Targeted: Accurate & Effective dosing

MULTIMIN™ provides your relief to secure:

Your hard work


Your herd health


Your farm success

Don’t let all your hard work be jeopardized by the sharp increase in demand for trace minerals during critical periods.


Subclinical trace mineral deficiencies lead to oxidative stress disrupting animal fertility, natural immunity and herd performance.


Act rapidly and stay in control to protect your clients investment in the financial success of their farm


What is MULTIMIN™?

MULTIMIN™ is a prescription only, combination trace mineral injection for cattle. Containing Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Selenium. Its unique formulation contains:


  • Over 33 peer reviewed papers and multiple clinical field trials of more than 6000 cattle, MULTIMIN™ is scientifically proven and trusted.

  • More than 90 million doses have sold in the US with excellent client retention rate.

Indication for use – Supply of trace minerals to correct concurrent clinical or subclinical deficiencies of selenium, copper, manganese and zinc which can arise during critical phases of the production or breeding life cycle.

Why should I use MULTIMIN™?


Trace minerals are essential for proper functioning of the body. They are central to reducing oxidative stress and are needed for many of the animal’s immune responses. A deficiency can lead to poor production, poor growth and increased risk of disease.

  • Oral supplementation of trace minerals is not sufficient to meet demands of cattle, particularly in high demand moments.
  • MULTIMIN™ can be used strategically ahead of critical moments to ensure cattle’s trace mineral status and health is optimal.

Download MULTIMIN™ EU SPC here


Dietary supplementation is inadequate

Need for trace minerals to cover the gap.
There are several reasons why oral supplementation of trace minerals might not meet the punctual requirements in cattle:

• Low levels of trace minerals from grass and grass-based forage

• High levels of antagonist diet minerals tying up trace minerals

• Poor bioavailability of trace minerals provided orally

• Reduced oral intake at times of high demand or stress

• High mineral excretion at times of stress

Injectable trace minerals are the solution

Easy and quick to administer MULTIMIN™ is fast acting, with peak blood concentrations in 8 hours, and sufficient liver stores in 24 hours and significantly raised antioxidant enzymes in 15 days.


How MULTIMIN™ works – Combating Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress :

  • Decreases the health status of the cow
  • Costs the farm money both in loss of production and cost of medicine

Oxidative stress is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants. It occurs when there are insufficient antioxidants to neutralise free radicals and has been associated with numerous diseases in ruminants.

  • Mastitis, metritis and lameness
  • Bovine Respiratory Disease
  • Early Embryonic Death


MULTIMIN™ provides sufficient quantities of trace minerals required to synthesise antioxidant enzymes to reduce oxidative stress

Trace minerals are essential for the bodies immune system


  • Form non-specific immune cells required to make an inflammatory response.
  • Required to activate the adaptive immune response (following vaccination or disease) and develop antibodies.
  • Involved in the structural components of skin and hooves, creating a physical barrier to disease.

MULTIMIN™ to increase health status and productivity of cattle. Reduce incidence of disease and secure your hard work – don’t let trace mineral deficiencies catch you out.